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Lunch (Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno)

You can choose advantageous cafe lunch one article with the sum, Western dishes, salad all-you-can-eat you like. Coffee or tea is included in all menus. Cafe lounge which is casual by fashion.

Quite popular cake buffet

Quite popular cake buffet (Hotel Trusty Korinbou, Kanazawa)


Dinner (Hotel Trusty Korinbou, Kanazawa)

You can enjoy seafood, vegetables, Japanese beef with wine which sommelier chooses first-class taste to bake elegantly in front as. As for the meal, please let wine know preference from abundant list by how to grill.


Breakfast (Hotel Trusty Korinbou, Kanazawa)

Breakfast which is the best after comfortable sleep. With coffee which is indispensable to croissant hot from the oven and splendid one-day opening, we color and offer bright substantial buffet.

Common inquiry Q&A (Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi)