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DINNER (Hotel Trusty premiere Nihonbashihamacho)


LUNCH (Hotel Trusty premiere Nihonbashihamacho)

We make full use of recipe of "" "" "" to boil which it is sultry to burn developed on iron plate, and cook develops drama.

Lunch (Hotel Trusty premiere Nihonbashihamacho)

We constitute menu mainly on [food cooked by boiling or stewing] using taste "meat, seafood of" professional under the theme of "slightly deluxe lunchtime"    We provide dishes to be able to enjoy with bread to one drop of last sauce deliciously.


Lunch (Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno)

You can choose advantageous cafe lunch one article with the sum, Western dishes, salad all-you-can-eat you like. Coffee or tea is included in all menus. Cafe lounge which is casual by fashion.

Quite popular order cake buffet

Quite popular order cake buffet (Hotel Trusty Korinbou, Kanazawa)