[new coronavirus infection preventive measures] ... match ... to use in peace

[Information] Prevention of Coronavirus Infection.

About the new coronavirus infection prevention
... match ... to use in peace

Usually thank you for your patronage more.
As new coronavirus infection preventive measures, you work on evasion of the three secrets (sealing, crowd, closeness) thoroughly and use us in peace.

◆Approach of disinfection, hygiene management

①Mask wearing (some staff wears gloves) of the service staff
②Disinfection (elevator, restroom or stairs handrail) every three hours of public space
③We ask for disinfection cooperation at the time of setting and visit of antiseptic solution in entrance, the front desk, lounge
④Securing of social distance (at front counter setting of acrylic board)

◆Preventive measures in case of meal against infection and the three secrets evasion measures

①We will offer seat in space that is larger than usual to secure social distance.
(we set a limit to entrance as needed, and waiting time may occur depending on time.)
②Request for disinfection cooperation at the time of restaurant lounge entering a shop
③Offer cancellation of buffet-style


①We show "we ask on the occasion of staying" and carry out healthy check at the time of check-in.
②We close incidental facility (karaoke bar massage).

[our being able to do it for "relief, security" of customer]

We carry out measures instruction and hygiene management reinforcement in cooperation with RESORTTRUST group "midtown clinic" and work on measures in pursuit of further relief, security.
In addition, we introduce "temporary telephone consultation about medical care" to be able to use for consultation about person in poor physical condition and medicine.

◆For employee

①Thorough thermometry at the time of attendance
②Thorough disinfection every three hours of backyard
③Thorough disinfection at the time of use of side gate, restroom, employee restaurant
④Thorough periodical disinfection of employee restaurant
⑤The non-pivot non-sudden going out self-restraint to be able to put outside working hours