Information for ClubTRUSTY

Page for exclusive use of member

※Time lag of 39 hours produces reflection to of point of ClubTRUSTY from 24 hours.

List of point exchange products

You can exchange with present you like depending on total point.

Information for point program

We are given various points on


When we rank gold member at annual use point 1,000 points and improve, service is enriched more!

About interlocking movement with ClubTRUSTY

Explanation of and ClubTRUSTY cooperation setting

By 1 access a day, it is 1 point♪

We save point and it is advantageous and uses!

Hotel life good-quality, to feel relaxed heartily that it is your private room we give member, and to do and seems to spend.
We add point whenever you use.
Privilege only for member is fulfilling, too.
As base to be healed in comfortable space on weekdays, and to go out to on holiday.
Club TRUSTY birth to color life scene pleasantly.