Information for ClubTRUSTY

About interlocking movement with ClubTRUSTY

Explanation of and ClubTRUSTY cooperation setting

The point balance of ClubTRUSTY came to be able to confirm in 

In addition, various points come to occur by having you access page.
Please set ClubTRUSTY member in the following procedures.

When you come, please enroll in one where is not enrolled in to ClubTRUSTY on the next time.

[setting method]

Please access

Please move to my page.

Please access from displayed nu page for exclusive use of "ClubTRUSTY". Certification screen is displayed.

Please input member number (nine columns that there is hyphen in) of your ClubTRUSTY and initial password.
※Initial password is the date of birth when we had you register. Please input only number.
(example) 19730101 

With the above procedure is completion.
If only first once can go, the procedure mentioned above is good.

We present 30 points of rion bonus points only in the first time

1 point a day occurs by having you access page after the setting.
※Only 1 point a day occurs
※Access to page for exclusive use of member or page for exclusive use of ClubTRUSTY member is necessary.
※Point addition indication becomes next point update Sunday. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.