Tohoku product exhibition caravan 2018

Tohoku product exhibition caravan meeting the eighth holding in this year.
In the cause of Tohoku reconstruction aid that we advocate on theme and earthquake disaster orphan orphan support project "support" to continue, dzo peer Hakone, Atami re-as part wrestling for continuous support activity, Hotel Trusty Nagoya Sakae, Shinsaibashi, gurandoekushibu Naruto the lodge, gurandoekushibu Shirakawa, Nasu the lodge, we hold Tohoku product exhibition caravan.

Tohoku product exhibition caravan 2018

We send special product of the Tohoku district as "Tohoku reconstruction aid".

Caravan holding schedule
2018/10/5 Friday - 2018/12/28 Friday

Held schedule
Friday, October 5 - 17 Wednesday ※10/17 is open daylong
ekushibu Naruto the lodge

From Friday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 24 ※10/24 is open daylong
Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi

Thursday, November 1 - 13 Tuesday ※11/13 is open daylong
Re-dzo peer Atami

Thursday, November 15 - 27 Tuesday ※11/27 is open daylong
Re-dzo peer Hakone

From Thursday, November 29 to Wednesday, December 5 ※12/5 is open daylong
Hotel Trusty Sakae Nagoya

Saturday, December 15 - 28 Friday ※12/28 is open daylong
ekushibu Shirakawa, Nasu the lodge

※Business hours vary according to facilities.
Photograph is state of Tohoku product exhibition of 2017. (Shirakawa, Nasu the lodge)

In hope of revival, step by step forward.
Please appreciate northeastern special product which was full of thought.

◆◇Special product of Fukushima◇◆
Popular product is juice using "there is no monkey" of special product of Fukushima other than apple, pear in average year.
In addition, there are soy sauce and butter which used sarunashio as new product of this year and offers a lot of products. This product exhibition of hotel, regardless of staying, all of you of neighborhood can use, too.

Because we proved safety of food at product direct sale place "village of fist" of Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima, we will receive ingredients arrangement to school lunch from last year and, as a result, are paid "radioactivity measuring instrument" from administration.

We send relief, security
They perform detection analysis of radioactive iodine included in food and cesium by radioactivity measuring instrument paid than administration at "village of fist", and farm products and processed food to send this time prove safe thing. Please have in peace.

RESORTTRUST wants to perform continuous support with member to earthquake disaster orphan orphan suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We imagine image in the bright future without giving up dream and contribute a part of sales to a certain future child as charity with wish called ... wanting you to walk each towards the future with brightness.