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News of the ClubTRUSTY end

News of the second place ClubTRUSTY end

Information for third place ct.rion.mobi point program

We are given various points on ct.rion.mobi

Fourth place Club TRUSTY GOLD

When we rank gold member at annual use point 1,000 points and improve, service is enriched more!

About interlocking movement with fifth place ClubTRUSTY

Explanation of ct.rion.mobi and ClubTRUSTY cooperation setting

Each facility ranking

Twin room

First place twin room

Double room

Third place double room

Twin room

Fourth place twin room


Fifth place Lunch

You can choose advantageous cafe lunch one article with the sum, Western dishes, salad all-you-can-eat you like. Coffee or tea is included in all menus. Cafe lounge which is casual by fashion.

Double room

Sixth place double room

Single room

Seventh place single room


Eighth place single

Breakfast menu renewal 3/11

Ninth place breakfast menu renewal 3/11

Have a power breakfast to start your day. Please enjoy coffee having just finished being able to enter while taking dazzling natural light.

Single room

Tenth place single room


Twelfth place Lunch

Please enjoy course menu to enjoy from casual cafe-style elegantly at "bistro & Italian" counter and terrace seat which arranged familiar western dishes menu stylishly. ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


Thirteenth place double

Inquiry Q&A that the 14th place is common in

Double room

15th place double room