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Japanese modern

Room type Room area (m2) Bed fuku (cm) Capacity (people) Fees
Standard 27.6 120 3 19,000-29,000 yen (20,900-31,900 yen)
Superior 41.2 120 3 22,000-32,000 yen (24,200-35,200 yen)
Delux 54.1 120 5 29,000-39,000 yen (31,900-42,900 yen)
Luxury 66.7 120 5 36,000-46,000 yen (39,600-50,600 yen)


※Indication amount of money becomes base rate. As hotel may change Fees to specific Sunday to appoint, in the case of making a reservation, please confirm.

※In the case of cancellation, we may charge predetermined cancellation fee.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.