Quite popular order cake buffet



20 people-limited of from 15:00 to 17:00 (the last entering a shop) a day!


We like patissier specially made homemade cake♪

Of 1500 yen per person 90 minutes (less than primary schoolchild for free)



Patissier with a large number of winning experience makes up even contest

Please enjoy real hotel made cake at this opportunity♪


We recommend reservation every day as order cake Buffet until from 15:00 to 17:00 is exclusively 20 people☆

[patissier profile]

It was born in June 13, 1970

We are from Toyama

We are shocked by savarin of "Le Notre" and marujorenu of "The Crescent" in cook schooltime and want to be patissier.

We enter "Prince Hotel" after the graduation. We acquire experience in confectionery section.

We enter "Shiseido Parlor" afterwards.

Chef in Grand maison "roojie" at the time

Jacques Borie (M O F.France nation top flight cook)

We acquire study. We enter "RESORTTRUST" in 2013.

We take office as chef patissier with the Hotel Trusty Korinbou, Kanazawa opening of business.