We survive "heat in" summer! 2019 breakfast fair


Breakfast Buffet who conveys charm of Ishikawa

Ishiru hotpot, Toriyasai hotpot (today's)

・"Ishiru" which is made specially in Noto, Ishikawa Peninsula as for "Ishiru hotpot" (gyohishio which preserved the bowels of squid in salt)
Taste that we did in food served in a pot which we used this for plainly.

・Of "Toriyasai hotpot" meaning to "consume" vegetables and nutrition not "chicken" (meat) as for "take".
Both are excellent at rice and affinity!

1,800 yen (tax-included 1,944 yen)

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Today's pan which can thoroughly enjoy taste of Ishikawa

Unique taste and flavor are appetizing!
One of nichihonsandaigyohishio, "Ishiru hotpot" using "Ishiru."

Seoul foods of citizens of Ishikawa, "Toriyasai hotpot." 
Taste of chicken and vegetables melts into thick miso stock.

As for the vegetables which are plentiful from morning together.

※Photograph "Toriyasai hotpot"

Please enjoy buffet which kind has abundant as well as discerning pan.

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