Cuole (lounge)

We survive "heat in" summer! 2019 breakfast fair


Breakfast Buffet who gets spirit from morning

In one that is tired from work, and cannot readily usually consume vegetables.
We dissolve lack of vegetables in substantial salad bar including Kamakura vegetables!

1,800 yen (tax-included 1,944 yen)

<< discerning ① of Tokyo bay side >>
12 kinds of regular salad bar,
3-4 kinds of seasonal Kamakura vegetables (today's) which are strong, and are full of color
But, we can enjoy!

Contents of Kamakura vegetables change every day.
As for the dressing which we offer three kinds of dressing, and chef recommends in that
As there is, please appreciate.

We charge colorful vegetables which take the sun, and grew well!
(photograph is arrangement example)

<< discerning ② of Tokyo bay side >>
We put favorite warm vegetables together and enjoy
Curry and Neapolitan who fully used tomato

Please enjoy curry which you fully used vegetables for in the summer.

It is Neapolitan from morning? But acidity of bright red tomato works and is filled with spirit!

You can use breakfast fair for discount
Recommended plan of Hotel Trusty Tokyo bay side with breakfast is this!

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Contents may be changed by the stocking situation during offer period.